AVS allows you to verify a customer’s Bank Accountholder information in Real-Time.

Why use Bank Account Verification?

 Bank account verification (AVS-R) is a service where details supplied to the bank are compared to details in the Bank's records. The details are verified by way of a positive or negative response. The correct details are not disclosed to the user.

The following information is compared:

  • Account number

  • ID Number / Company registration number / Trust registration number

  • Surname / Company name / Trust name

  • Cellphone number registered on the account

  • The E-mail address registered on the account

  • Account is open

  • The account is open for more than 3 months

  • Account accepts debits (Debit orders can be run against this account)

  • Account accepts credits (Payments can be made into this account from another bank)

 VeriSeal provides this as an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go service with no monthly charges and complete history of transactions done.

Bank account verification in bulk  (AVS-R) via API

This service allows you to upload a batch of  Bank Account Numbers to be verified through an available API.

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Participating Banks

 For this service please contact us at info@veriseal.co.za, or on our helpline: 012 881-1611