Third-party Bank Account Verification, Debit Orders & Mass Payment Services for any size business.


Veriseal provides Bank Account Verification for Conveyancers, Lawyers, Estate Agents, and any other business which makes payments to third parties regularly. 

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Debit Orders

Simplify your collection of rent, subscriptions, security fees, outstanding debtor accounts with Veriseal's debit orders. Making your clients'  lives easier and cuts down on time and resources in your business.

Mass Payments

Veriseal’s authorisation system makes segregation of duties easy in order to exercise better control.

We draw from a wealth of experience in the banking industry.
Integration and tailor-made solutions are our strength. 
Convenient Debit Orders & Mass Payments

Our Debit Order solution will save your business money by reducing your transaction fees and ease the administrative burden on your staff’s valuable time.

Easy to use AVS solution platform

We provide an easy to use cloud-based bank account verification service to help you collect from your customers’ correct bank account, by just uploading their banking details, within minutes the account is verified and a report is made available in PDF format.


Customers are all different and we have the flexibility to customize solutions for each customer. Bringing you a cloud-based system means that you have the technology available at your fingertips, from anywhere, making it flexible, professional, and personal.

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